“The Pueblo de Cochiti Department of Education is Committed to serving it's Hahn (people). Through multiple programs, we provide services to help strengthen the mind, body and spirit.”

The Education Department here at Pueblo de Cochiti offers a number of services including but not limited to; Cochiti Summer Youth Language Program, Higher Education Scholarship Program, Adult Education Programs, Keres Language Classes, GED / HSE Classes. We also provide culturally relevant classes including; Traditional Tapestry, Sewing, Pottery, and Weaving


Pueblo de Cochiti Education Department & Health Program: After School Program



youth receive academic support from staff to complete homework and reinforce classroom learning. In addition, Afterschool program youth can utilize Computer Resource Center to improve their literacy and computer skills.



After School Program youth develop their creative minds and bodies in various arts and culture programs. Some of the art activities given are creative writing, visual art, computer art, and various crafts.


Health & Recreation Activities

At Afterschool, youth participate in a range of physical fitness activities and health related programming (proper nutrition, cooking etc..). Youth are encouraged to develop their abilities in various team sports and learn new skills many of which are through teamwork challenges. After School Program offers a balance of games, team challenges and recreational fitness opportunities.


Language and Culture Programs


Beginning Keres Language Class:

This class is offered to adults who have little or no Keres language skills.


Tapestry Classes:

The Department of Education is in the process of making final arrangements for a tapestry instructor.



The Department of Education is in the process of making final arrangements for a pottery instructor.



The Department of Education is in the process of making final arrangements for a sewing instructor.


Keres Language Classes at Bernalillo Public Schools:

The Cochiti Keres Class is currently being offered at Cochiti Elementary and Middle School, Bernalillo High School, and Santa Fe Indian School to students of Cochiti Pueblo. The Keres Class is a regular scheduled class at the listed above schools. Students who attend and successfully complete the Keres Class at the Bernalillo High School can receive a foreign language credit.

About Cochiti Pueblo

Located 22 miles (35 km) southwest of Santa Fe, the community is a historic pueblo, which is listed as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. The Cochiti pueblo people are a federally recognized tribe of Native Americans. The pueblo administers 53,779 acres (217.64 km2) of reservation land and possesses concurrent jurisdiction over the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument.

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